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Backwoods Basics Newsletter March 2020 Issue – Welcome to a New Year!

Spring: a time of renewal and Life affirmation. Yeah!! For me this winter season has been a time of transition; packing and moving, leaving friend behind; I moved from the Cowichan Valley to the Sunshine Coast in November 2019. Now unpacking, settling in, to a beautiful new home. But home in the Cowichan is still home to me. Knowing where to find my wild medicines makes it home to me. Thus I return often to old friends and foraging places. Still searching the coast though; from Langdale to Davis Bay, happy dance to find a willing patch of Nettles growing, still searching for cottonwood poplar. Does anyone know where to find them over here?

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Backwoods Basics Newsletter March 2019 Issue – Honouring the Ancestors

Norma Myers ( 1919 – 1988 ) was a Herbalist, teacher, Activist and Inspiration to a whole generation of youths in the 60s and 70s. They came from all over North America, finding their way to a little known part of the continent, an island off the west coast of British Columbia, to study at the hands of a Mohawk/Scots medicine woman, whose knowledge of plant healing brought with it a spiritual/religious fervor, that was so lacking in the conventional educational programs of the day. Norma was my first teacher, my life was forever changed, and destiny’s path altered, when first I was introduced to her in 1981.
I would like to share with you today the words of Gertrude Norma Myers as it relates to plant healing and the wilds:

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Backwoods Basics Newsletter January 2019 Issue

And to this new First ever! Backwoods Basics Newsletter, that I hope will provide us all with a new fun way to connect, keep informed and uptodate on all backwoods basics’ events, classes and goings-on. It can also be a meeting place for sharing of ideas, thoughts and “goings-on” that you want to get out there too. So send me in your submissions to our newsletter.

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