Celtic Tree Magic & Medicine


Spring Offerings for 2020

“ My Elders have said to me that the trees are the teachers of the law. As I grow less ignorant I begin to understand what they mean.” Brooke Medicine Eagle
The essence of Druidic Herbalism can be found in the spiritual philosophy behind the Celtic knot; an approach to life, herbs and healing that springs from the forces of earth and sky. The belief that we are all connected to the collective earth memory alive in all things; the plants, trees, rocks, rushing water, wind and sky. With no beginning and no end the celtic knot symbolizes life!

It is an ancient belief finding its roots in the misty realm of pre-recorded history. It is most relavant today as it pertains to healing and our connection to the Earth. The Celts believed that all life forms are connected, entwined in perfect balance as the celtic knots suggest. A discussion of how the celtic knot, universal sign of life, balance and renewal, can help us today in our state of Eco crisis and how we can use it to heal ourselves and the Earth.

This series of talks will center around the sacred tree medicines and strive to understand how the ancient Celts’ spiritual beliefs influenced their medicine making and healing arts. Each session highlights one of the sacred trees in the celtic calendar.   




oak, fir, and rowan.

Exploring their role in medicine and magic.

This is a discussion style workshop. Casual drop ins welcome!

Dates & Times: Thursdays 10:30 – 1:30pm

April 16, 23; May 14, 28; June 11, 18

Location: available only at this time on the Sunshine Coast.

Want to bring it to your community?  Contact me!

6 part series $125

$25 per session (drop in rate)

Register on or before March 23 with  a $50 non-refundable/deductible.


“ Magic doesn’t live in the dark hidden places. Magic lives all around us, out in the open, we pass by every day. But without the eyes to see, it remains hidden to us.”





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