Women’s Herbal Allies

In this mini workshop we will learn Women’s medicine; the herbs that can assist and support us through our lives and through the many changes we experience as women.  We experience many transitions in our lives, from girl to woman, … Read More

Celtic Tree Magic & Medicine

Explores the Sacred tree medicine of the ancient Celts and how they used them for medicine and healing. We will also be discussing how their spiritual beliefs influenced their medicine making and healing arts. A discussion style workshop. Casual drop ins welcome!… Read More

Plant Walks

On this fun and informative walk, Sheila will introduce you to many of the local medicinal plants growing wild in your area, treasured by  country folk not too long ago, for the care they gave to their families.  This walk … Read More

Herbal allies for Stress

A morning spent at the river, in the woods or hills, a giving thanks and a meditation. A Celebration of Life! This course includes a wild medicine walk about, energy work and a guided meditation while touching the earth and bonding with our own deep sense of connectiveness in nature. It is within these bounds that healing, on many levels, can occur.… Read More

Forest ReWilding Therapy

Finding personal balance and empowerment through reconnecting with the Nature Our rewilding therapy is a merging of ‘Forest Bathing’ coming out of Japan and Earthing or Rewilding therapy popular n North America. None of these concepts are new! They are … Read More