The HedgeWych Wylds Story

Wildcrafted! Healing from the Forest

HedgeWych Wylds was born of a Fir tree and its golden sap offerings, one summer day in 1993. From a dusty old ethno-botany book, out of date and out of print, I rediscovered the long ago, forgotten secrets of the douglas fir tree. It was from this tree, that “Tree Balm” became my first product and still remains one of my most popular first aid remedies. Ferny Pine followed with Healing Roots close behind.

HedgeWych Wylds’ wildcrafted indigenous product line has expanded since then, into 17+ products ranging from Massage and first aid, skin and personal care to the very popular all plant based SunEssential sunscreen. We just celebrated our 25th anniversary!

Our forests are full of first aid; from the majestic Douglas fir to the graceful Red Cedar; even our ferns, fungus and lichens dripping from the old growth, speak of healing, speak of first aid! In our forests can be found, antibiotics, antiseptics, pain and inflammation relief. It is here in the old growth rain forests of British Columbia, as well as in the meadows, streams and hills of home that I find the ingredients for all our HedgeWych Wylds healing products. All the ingredients to HedgeWych Wylds’ products are westcoast wildcrafted or organically grown. I do not out source any stage in the production of my products. The medicine plants are harvested in a ethically sustainable and conscious way, to bring you the best quality and freshest healing care you deserve! That is our promise and our guarantee.

At HedgeWych Wylds, we are dedicated to the preservation of the wild lands and their folk herbal wisdom.

Massage Oils

HedgeWych Wylds’ Massage Oils are for pain, inflammation and stress related sore and injured joints, tendons and muscles. Made from the freshest wildcrafted or organically grown ingredients; the secret of their healing success is in the plant energetics of wild and fresh! The grapeseed oil is simply a carrier for extracting the Indigenous plant medicine.

Sword Fern

Sword Ferns growing in our northern rain forests are an important source of pain relief used in many of my formulas. Red cedar, fir, hemlock and skunk cabbage, all bring relief from muscle tension and injury.

  • Art Ache

    Devil’s club grows wild in the rainforests of British Columbia. It is an Indigenous remedy for Arthritis, a quick and sustainable relief for the pain and swelling associated with Arthritis, Rheumatism and Gout. This amazing traditional formula combines the healing properties of Devil’s club with horsetail, willow bark and organic grown woods betony and meadowsweet in a base of grapeseed oil.                     

    Oil form only

  • Deep Forest Rub

     Deep Forest rub is a wild indigenous formula containing Red Cedar,sword ferns, alder, pine and willow in a base of grapeseed oil. A deep penetrating relief from the tension caused by over exertion, sports injury; sprains and strains.

    Oil form only

  • Ferny Pine

    Specific for gout, rheumatism, sore or stiff joints, marathon runners tired feet, stagnant circulation issues. Contains: sword ferns and pine resin, grapeseed oil and organic bees wax.

    Salve form only

  • Sativa Touch Cannabis

    *Sativa Touch Cannabis’ Healing Energy harnesses the CBD’s not the THC for a superior healing massage oil. We use the cannabis root in our gentle stress relieving formula for work related injuries, insomnia, muscle and tendon damage. Contains: fresh cannabis root, eucalyptus oil, in a base of grapeseed oil. 

     *works well in combination with Vena Balm.  Sativa Touch relaxes the muscle tension while Vena Balm repairs the damage!


    Oil form only

  • Vena Balm

     *Vena Balm is a reparative massage for muscle tension and tendon injury, varicose veins, sciatica and hemorrhoids.   Contains: wildcrafted horse chestnut and horsetail, organically grown woods betony, rue and comfrey     

     *works well in combination with Sativa Touch, which relaxes the muscle tension while Vena Balm repairs the damage!

    Oil form only


Skin Care; Medicinal Salves & Creams

Our wild indigenous skin care products are always formulated with healing in mind; they range from moisturizers and skin softeners to the more serious medicinals for rashes, eczema and wound care. Some overlap into our First Aid section, so be sure to check them both out to find what you are looking for.

Nootka Rose

The wild Nootka rose are used in many of our skin care products owing to their superior fragrance and skin healing qualities. Growing wild along the roadsides, beaches and abandoned fields of the pacific northwest, they lend more than a healing essence to our beauty products, they bring an essence of love and peaceful bliss.

  • Wild Rose Oil

    A fragrant natural perfume, bath oil and skin moisturizer. Beauty in a bottle!

  • Wild Rose Salve

    A gentle healing formula for weather damaged skin, sores that won’t heal, especially for skin sensitive individuals that can’t use other products. Contains: wildcrafted indigenous nootka rose petals and hips, chickweed and calendula, grapeseed oil and organic locally sourced beeswax.

  • Natural Deodorant

    Wild Rose and Lavender. Safe, Natural and Effective!
    Contains: baking soda, arrow root, wild rose, organically grown lavender, red cedar, juniper, essential oils of English rose and lavender, grapeseed oil.

  • Brody’s Balm

    Brody’s Balm for warts and fungal skin infections; Athletes foot. Containing wildcrafted Red Cedar, Alder bark, Fir resin, pine, Usnea, Oregon grape, grapeseed oil and organic locally sourced beeswax.


  • Tacamahac Cream

    The ultimate skin care!   Made from the fragrant bud of balsam poplar.   Skin rejuvenating moisturizer for all skin types and all ages; softens and regenerates skin elasticity.   Contains: balsam poplar bud, honey, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, aqua.

  • Lavender Oil

    Organically grown, hand picked and blessed by the summer sun! An excellent bath oil or skin moisturizer. Relaxing and healing to nerves .

  • Balm of Gilead Oil

    Made from the fragrant golden bud of the Balsam Poplar tree; wildcrafted along the Chemainus river valley of Vancouver Island. Fragrant bath oil and skin softener. First aid healer for wound care.

  • SunEssential Sunscreen

    Our all Natural, plant based, sunscreen is more than just an effective sun protectant. It is also a moisturizing, antioxidant that heals and nourishes skin cells while protecting you from the Sun’s damaging rays. Due to its healing formula, our sunscreen has the added benefit of being outstanding first aid treatment if caught out without sun protection. Use before, during and after sun exposure!

    We are proud to report that after ten years of skin protecting duty, our beloved SunEssential has travelled extensively and has proven effective; on the job, on the beach and on vacation in:

    • Costa Rica
    • Jamaica
    • Hawaii
    • California
    • Texas
    • Australia
    • India

    Endorsed by: Landscapers, organic Farmers, tree planters,campers, boaters, moms and babes.

    SunEssential Sunscreen – Natural plant based sun protection with an *SPF (approx..) 35. It is both a protective sunscreen and a healing formula in one. Wildcrafted chickweed, oregon grape flowers, poplar buds, organic calendula, and douglas fir resin, green tea, grapeseed oil and organic, locally sourced beeswax.


  • Shine On Hair and Skin Conditioner

    A Cannabis product and an ancient Chinese secret for beautiful hair! Contains: cannabis flower and leaf infused in a nutritive blend of special oils. A leave in conditioner, that can be used everyday with no oily residue. Detangles and conditions to a healthy glow. Shine On!

  • Canna B

    A cannabis healing salve, containing CBDs. Skin care for rashes, infections, chapped, cracked or dry skin. Contains: organic medicinal grade flower and leaf infused in grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and organic beeswax.


First Aid

Indigenous Folk Medicine has always been about First Aid; a healing necessity born of injury; herbs were found to heal wounds, burns, inflammation and pain. All HedgeWych Wylds medicine is formulated for the practical first aid needs of the family, however, some of our products fall more readily into this realm. Here they are, check it out!


Yarrow – From the battle fields of ancient Rome and Europe, yarrow has a long history of healing wounds. With its antiseptic, antimicrobial properties it was known for its ability to stay the flow of blood, and as a pain reliever and anti inflammatory.   It grows wild and free throughout Europe and North America.

  • Usnea

    Healing antiseptic first aid for wounds and infections. Our Usnea salve contains potent, anti microbial and antiseptic medicines growing in our Northern Rain forests; Usnea ( old Man’s Beard), Oregon Grape root, balsam fir, douglas fir resin, in a base of grapeseed oil and organic beeswax.

  • Healing Roots Salve

    A great first Aid for the whole family. Promotes healing of open wounds, abrasions and rashes. The combination of burdock root, with its antiseptic/ antibacterial properties and comfrey root’s long historic legacy of healing, offers you a simple but effective healer for wounds, rashes, fungal skin infections and more. 

  • St. John’s Wort Oil

    Harvested in the time of the Summer Solstice, St. John’s Wort is herbal sunshine for your nerves. Use it to treat nerve inflammation and pain, due to injury, infection, leg ulcers, and shingles.

  • Tree Balm

    Made from the golden sap of the douglas fir tree, it is, and always has been an amazing folk remedy for burns, bug bites and bee stings! It is an important component in any first aid kit with its antibacterial, antiseptic properties.
    A simple formula of wildcrafted douglas fir resin infused in grapeseed oil; proof that magic doesn’t need to be complicated!

  • Natural Mosquito Repellant

    Contains: clary sage, citronella, lemon grass, red cedar
    and juniper, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel.

  • Herbal Claye

    For infections and wound care.
    Contains Strathcona clay, yarrow, usnea, oregon grape root. A dusting powder perfect for first aid kits!


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